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Why come to the Guidance Office????

44 Reasons to Listen to Your High School Guidance Counselor


  1. Talking Relieves Stress. A lot of times we carry stress on our shoulders. It is not only a burden to you, but also to others around you. Having someone to talk to, just to get it out, can lighten up your load and brighten your day. The health benefits of staying worry free are obvious, too. One minute you're a happy-go-lucky student, the next, you are doing detention for too many tardies....

  2. Home Release. More time than not, the stress of a student is not from the time that's spent at school, but from the time that is spent at home. The job of a high school counselor, or any counselor for that matter, is to redirect any unhealthy activity into something that is positive and good in the life of the student.

  3. An Ear to Listen. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Many students keep to themselves. Either because the transition from junior high is a little much to them, or because they have trouble adjusting to the crowd of their peers. High school guidance counselors are still people. The only difference is that they want to listen. You don't have to figure them out. They make it know and all students should take advantage of their generosity.

  4. Parents Are Hard To Talk To. Many students do not have an open conversational relationship with their parents. Certain subject are uneasy to them, and they may feel as though they may take certain things the wrong way. Students look for an adult opinion on a lot of topics, they just have a hard time finding one that is not biased. Guidance counselors do their best to make sure that you hear what is needed to be heard without letting anything interfere with their judgment.

  5. Friends Will Tell You Anything. The problem with friends is not that they won't listen, it's that they know that they are your friend and do their best not to walk that fine line. They want to remain your friend, even if that means telling what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. Separating the difference between the two is one of the hardest part of being a high school guidance counselor.

  6. They Understand. Guidance counselors know what you are going through because they have been there before. Not in the sense that they have been to your school, but in the aspect of having to cope with peer pressure, test taking, and graduation as well.

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  7. The Information Is There. High school counselors are trusted with very valuable information that can not only help you but guide you as well. Very few know exactly what classes they need to attain what they want out of school. It is the job of your local school counselor to make sure that you receive that information.

  8. Teacher Insiders. Have you ever noticed that the one teacher that everyone tells you is the worst, you always get? Don't worry about it. If you ever have any questions about any teacher or school staff member, you counselor is usually the best place to go. They not only are on the level with the high school staff, but also with the students, so they are probably use to answering any questions on any teacher, but giving advice on getting through to their students too.

  9. The College Key. As you begin to work you way up the educational ladder, college becomes one of the most important elements in life. High school guidance counselors encourage and assist in getting you ready for college. From helping you fill out applications to transferring you high school progress to the college or colleges of your choice.

  10. SATs and ACTs. Many colleges require either a SAT score on an ACT score. They can be difference between community college or Yale. It is good to be as knowledgeable on these test as possible. You can acquire any information or pretests as well as the score needed to get to the college of your choice from your high school guidance counselor.

  11. College Prep? Whether you plan on going to college or to technical school, there is a certain criteria that has to be met. You may plan on getting a college prep or a technical diploma depending on your plans after graduation. Guidance counselors have the course plans necessary to achieve you goal and will be there to ensure that you are on the path that you would like to be on.

  12. Well Lit Tunnels. It is always good to know whether or not you are on the right path. The right path does not indicate going to college, but knowing that you will succeed in anything that you do. The role of a high school counselors is show you that there is a light at the end and that it is attainable. With the right guidance and focus anyone and everyone will succeed.

    Smiling Faces From High School Guidance Counselors

  13. Optimistic People. It is always important to have optimistic people in the life of a high school student. They have enough pressure and stressful people in their lives, and they hold their heads up only because there is at least one person who always has a smile on their face. High school guidance counselors are told to be happy people. They smile because they know how crucial it is to be one of those smiling faces.

  14. Trained Professionals. Being a good person comes natural for many of us. Being a guide has to be taught. Counseling is not an easy profession because you are not just listening, you are influencing. Providing the proper guidance is essential during students' high school years. It is the time when there is the most pressure from parents and other students so one must be properly trained to take in those pressures and be able to assist in relieving them.

  15. Caring. High school guidance counselors don't care about students because they have to, it is because they want to. They have fallen in love with their ability to relate to the people who need and want to be cared for.

  16. Know When To Listen. Knowing when to speak and when to listen is something that is not easily done. We don't know exactly what it means to listen. many time, one doesn't want a response, just a open ear that will listen. You guidance counselor will be that ear.

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  17. Closed Files. It is hard enough for many of us to talk to anyone. The conversations between a student and counselor are confidential. They are there to help you, not to expose you. Having all you business put out in the open is not something that you should worry about when speaking with your high school guidance counselor.

  18. Two-Way Street. Not only do guidance counselors influence their students, but are influenced by their students as well. The lives of students are never boring. One would be surprised at how many smiles shown by counselors were from the students that look to the for help and guidance.

  19. The Right Guidance. High school guidance counselor do not try to force you into any area of life or in school. They are there as a guide to inform of all you choices and not to persuade you.

  20. Not For The Money. Our school systems are not the best place to be if you are pursuing a career for the money. The positions acquired by teachers and counselors are filled by people who have a love for teaching students and higher learning. They want to see the up and coming generation properly prepared to take on the world ahead of them.

  21. Problem Solvers. Many counselors are aware of different complications that go on in the school that many teachers over look. From classroom situations to even students problem the ensue in the halls. Students get picked on and pick on other students all the time. Guidance counselors keep their eyes open for disputes such as these and filter out much of the unknown.

  22. Character Builders. One of the major roles of a high school guidance counselor is to build character in their students. By planting the proper seeds on the heart of their generation they can grow properly into positive and productive students.

  23. Properly Prepared. Making sure that everyone of their students are properly prepared is essential to every high school guidance counselor. Having the proper tools needed in school take the burdens off not being properly prepared.

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  24. Community Involvement. Being involved in you local community is always a good thing to do, for parents, students, and teachers. An understanding of what is happening in your community increases your chances of what is going on in the life of a student. The time spent outside of the school affects the student as well as, if not more than the time spent in school. Guidance acknowledge the fact that they can be the eyes and ears for their students.

  25. In Need Of Change. It is hard for students to get their points across to the school systems at times. Guidance counselors are not only involved in the system you may have request to change and alter, they are apart of that system. Just being able to relate and transfer information from that of the students to the voices that need to listen is all that the students ask for.

  26. Follow The Leader. High school guidance counselor are more than leaders to students. They are leaders to the very teacher that teach you, the students. Many teacher go to the same counselor for advice and information. They inquire about students in hopes that they would have a better chance of reaching them and teaching them.

  27. Encouraging. High school guidance counselors do their best to give positive feedback to their students and encourage them that anything is possible. With the right focus, students will have a better chance in becoming what they want to be and less likely to sell themselves short.

  28. Empathetic. Being sympathetic doesn't help anyone. The reason why many high school guidance counselors are easy to relate to is because they purposely put themselves in our environment so that they not only hear what is said, they can relate to it as well.

  29. Just like You. Guidance counselors spend just about all of their day directly or indirectly with students. Many time their numbers are available for student related purposes. Their day never stops, even when they step outside of the those high school doors.

  30. Professional. High school guidance counselors keep their work neat, organized, and professional. Having a job in the public sphere requires a certain degree of professionalism whether they are researching information for their students or performing their duties as a staff member of to the public school system.

  31. Equality. Seeing what goes on around you is not enough. Those who have the ability to ensure that fairness and equality are given to everyone must perform their civic duty to enforce what is evident at all times.

  32. Block Breakers. High school guidance counselors are mediators amongst teacher-student relationships. Being in the middle of teaching, and being taught, helps to convey information in both directions. When a teacher knows how to reach a certain student and the student has confidence that that particular teacher is looking out for their well-being and not overlooking them, evolving as a person is only enhanced.

  33. Positive Feedback. Students go to their high school guidance counselors because they believe that what they say is valuable information. Getting an adult opinion on life speaks very highly of students. Knowing that they put faith in the generations before them show how focused and determined they are on perusing their goals. It that retrospect, one should respond to the courage of the students with positive feedback and an open ear.

  34. Taking Charge. Problems arise in all of our lives. Many of those times we aren't sure how to respond to those problems or be in a position to get them properly handled. Guidance counselors look for many of those problems in the lives of their students. Being picked on by other students or seeing any form of abuse being brought to school is to be brought to the proper attention and fixed immediately and properly.

  35. From One To Another. Not all students have the fortitude it takes to say what needs to be said. Talking about our problems outside of our “circle” of friends and family is difficult. High school guidance counselors move information from hand to hand when needed to. Whether it be favorable or detrimental to any particular side, it usually has to be said. Many students are bashful even at their growing ages, so they need in getting across what is already on their minds.

  36. They Are Not Teachers. Guidance counselors pride themselves on not holding the title of “teacher” because of the barrier that comes with the position. Rarely do students get an opportunity to convey their thoughts about their problems or questions regarding their curriculum to their teachers mainly because they feel as though they may be prejudged in regards or even looked at in a different light for the remaining time that has to be spent with that particular teacher. Knowing that there is someone there at your school that is there to listen that whose job is to do everything but judge you makes being a high school guidance counselor worth the title.

  37. What Lies Ahead. You guidance counselor does not look behind you to see where you are going. They look to at what is inside to determine how much you want it and what it takes to get you prepared for your future.

  38. School Spirit! It's easy to relate to people when there is a common interest. Counselors purposely get involved in school activities to take the settings away from what might make some students a little uneasy. Knowing that what excite you in school is captured in the eyes of the very people who want you to succeed in life makes relating and conversing almost effortless.

  39. By The Numbers. High school guidance counselor's do not judge their students or treat their students because they vary in age. They strive to see and enforce that equality is shown in all of their students. Different problems arise in the lives of certain people in durations unknown. Seeing the problem for what it is and not by who is having the problem allows for proper judgment and an non prejudicial opinion.

  40. Drug Free. Being an influence in the life of a student means looking out for their health as well as the student's state of mind. Promoting a drug-free environment at school decreases the high school dropout rates and increases higher learning.

  41. Educational Ladder. Graduation is one of the most memorable experiences one remembers. But what's after graduation? Guidance counselors know that your life doesn't end when you walk out those double doors. They prepare the steps needed for you to enter the uncharted world with you head held high.

  42. Firm Hand. Realizing why certain students act up or behave the way that they do is the first step in helping them. Teachers and principals discipline students for their behavior, whereas guidance counselors find out why they act that want and what is another way to handle the situation instead on punishing what is unknown.

  43. Ready To Pose. Guidance counselors are not perfect people. They do however strive very hard to be a good image in their community and a great role model for the student they try so very hard to touch.

  44. They Love It! Who wouldn't love a job where the love for life that you have inside can be shown on the outside? The one job that no matter how old you get, those around you will constantly remind you that your only as old as you feel. Even now, can't you just feel the smiles on their faces?


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