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Mac Tips
  1. When in doubt, restart.  Several problems can be solved with a simple restart.  Angel logins, frozen applications, failure to connect to internet.
  2. Remember Force Quit.  Force quit usually solves the problem with application troubles.  I have seen a few that had trouble opening Inspire files from Angel.  Force quit is the answer to this problem.  Force quit the application then reopen it and try opening the document again.  Force can be found by clicking the apple icon in the upper left corner or by pressing Command, Option, Esc at the same time.
  3. If a student has trouble logging into their email, make sure that they are on the student email login page not the staff login.  If they are on the student login, make sure that their username has been entered correctly.  It should be their firstname.lastname for all returning students, transfer students with new accounts will use their NCWise #.  Sometimes it will tell them their password is wrong and display the security code.  Have them enter their password again with the security code and it should let them in.
  4. Wireless troubles.  If someone cannot connect or is asked for a password, have them turn the airport off and back on again. Even a restart can fix this problem.  Also, stress to the kids that they need to charge once their battery reaches about 30%.  When the battery dies, it causes the date and time to be reset and this will not allow them to connect to the network.  This is a problem only I can fix.
  5. If ActivInspire is not on their dock, this a simple fix. Open the Finder, and search for Inspire.  The application is called Inspire, not ActivInspire.  Searching for ActivInspire will not always return what you need. You can also find this by going to Finder>Applications>Promethean>ActivSoftware Inspire and the Inspire icon will be in this folder.  Drag the icon to the dock.
  6. Remind students, especially new students, that dragging an icon from the applications folder to the trash can delete the entire applications. Once the trash has been emptied the only way to get it back is to reimage the computer.
  7. It is a violation of the AUA to download, copy or install ANY software that has not been approved by the Technology Department.
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