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College Entrance Tests
The SAT measures critical thinking skills.  The test is divided into three sections:  reading, writing, and mathematics.  Score range for each section is 200 to 800 points.  The 2006 national average for the SAT was 1518.  The best way to prepare for the test is to use SAT study guides or sample tests to become familiar with the types of questions and reasoning skills used in the test.  Study guides can be found and  We recommend taking the test after you complete Algebra 2/Common Core Math III and Geometry/Common Core Math II.  Unlike the ACT, each SAT test score a student has is reported to colleges that student selects.  Colleges will usually consider the highest scores across test dates.  Cost of test is $51.  To register for the test, students may obtain a registration packet from the guidance office or register online at

2015/16 SAT Test Dates
Registration Deadlines
October   3     
September 3
November  7     
October 9
December 5
November 5
January 23
December 28
March  5
February 5
May 7
April 8
June 4
May 5

The ACT measures skills in English, math, reading, science, and writing.  Unlike the SAT, which measure aptitude, the ACT is curriculum-based, meaning questions directly correspond to high school courses.  Students receive scores on each individual section as well as a composite score.  The scale for scores is 1-36.  The 2006 national average composite score for the ACT was 21.1. Test preparation activities to improve test-taking skills and review of content may help improve ACT scores.  Test taking tips and sample questions are available at  Research shows students who take four or more years of English and three or more years of math, science, and social studies score better on the ACT.  Unlike the SAT, the ACT does not automatically report scores to colleges from multiple test dates.  Cost of the test is $52.50  The writing portion is optional on the ACT; however, colleges do require the writing section for admission. Students need to be sure they register for the writing portion of the test.  To register for the test, students may register online at

ACT Test Dates
Registration Deadlines
September 12
August 7
October 24      
September 18
December 12
November 6
February 6      
January 8
April 9
March 4
June 11
May 6

Alert-Students planning to apply for scholarships that come out early in the senior year  (Morehead) need to take the SAT or ACT before senior year begins.  These scholarship applications will require an ACT or SAT score.  

Fee Waivers
Test fee waivers are available for high school juniors and seniors who cannot afford to pay the test fees. There are some guidelines for qualifying for fee waivers so you must see a guidance counselor to apply for a waiver.  Fee waivers are not accepted for late or standby registration.  You MUST register for the test by the regular registration deadline.  If you participate in a fee waiver service for either the SAT or the ACT, you may also be eligible to waive application fees at colleges to which you apply.  



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