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Information for High School Students

Your High School Counselor is here to Help!

Your Student Services office is a great resource that is available to you in high school. You can find tons of information on colleges, scholarships, financial aid, applications for the SAT or PSAT, and information on any college or military visits to your school. The most important resource in the counseling office is the counseling staff. A school counselor can help you with questions about academics, college applications, career paths, or other concerns you have about planning for your future or life in general. You will also most likely need your counselor to write you a letter of recommendation for you for college or other opportunities.
Getting to know your counselors early will help make this process smoother. We are here to help you, so it is a good idea to meet your counselors and build a relationship with us.

Study Like a Pro

Follow these 6 tips, and you will make the most of your study time:
• Get organized! Use binders with clearly marked dividers between subjects to organize your course information. Before you begin note taking, record the date so that you will know when you took the notes.
• Find a place to study that is well lit with a large desk or table so you can spread out your papers and books. Sit in a comfortable chair. Do not study in your bed, on the couch, or anywhere else where you are likely to fall asleep.
• Schedule when you are going to study in advance and stick to it. Do not wait to study until the mood strikes or the night before a big test. Try to avoid scheduling study time when you know there will be many distractions, such as when you are babysitting your little brother or sister.
• Turn off the TV or computer, put away your snack, and try not to talk to others around you. It may help to divide work into small, short-range goals and alternate activities. For example, do some math problems between reading assignments.
• Get a calendar or use your school agenda where you can write important due dates. For large assignments, set goals for each week to make sure you are staying on track.

Foster Good Relationships With Your Teachers and Counselors!

By now, you know that teachers are an invaluable source of information
about schoolwork. Beyond getting a good grade in the classroom, however, it is important to create and maintain a good relationship with teachers throughout your high school years. In addition to helping you with your study habits and maximizing your high school experience, teachers will likely be writing college recommendations for you when it comes time to apply for college. A teacher you have a good relationship with, who knows you and what your interests are will be able to write a better college recommendation
for you. It is the same with counselors. Teachers and counselors can write better letters of recommendation for you if they know you well!

Education Pays!

Have you ever wondered if your education really makes a difference in the amount of money you will earn in your job? The U.S. Census Bureau asked all the full-time workers in the United States about how much money they earn in a year. The salaries were put into groups based on how much education the workers had. Listed here are the average salaries for each group. Since it is the average salary, you know that about half of the people earned less and about half of the people earned more than the salary listed below.

People who never graduated from high school: $22,152
(Note: for a family of 4, anything less than $22,050 is below the poverty line)

High school graduates who didn’t attend college: $30,732

People who attended college, and/or earned an Associate’s Degree: $38,272

People who earned a four-year degree: $50,856

People who earned a master’s, doctoral, and other advanced degrees: $72,358

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