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Building your Transcript both inside and out

Build Your Transcript

While it’s always important to do well in school, your grades in high school are especially crucial. When you apply to college, your high school will send a copy of your transcript to all the colleges where you apply. Your transcript includes a list of all the courses that you have taken and the grades you earned.

You should consider challenging yourself academically and enrolling in honors courses.
Remember, slightly lower grades in more challenging courses may carry more weight in your GPA than higher grades in an easier curriculum. Even if your grades in one or two courses slip for a semester, it will not necessarily keep you from getting into college. Colleges look to see if you have made improvements in your grades and like to see that you have worked hard to make necessary improvements.

Keeping your grades up in high school is also important so that you will be prepared for
college. The skills that you are learning now will help you succeed later. The more adept you become at keeping assignments in order, doing well on all classroom activities, and developing better study skills, the better you will do in college.

Additionally, you may
also want to choose courses that develop skills and personal interests such as keyboarding, business, music, art, or physical education as long as these courses do not replace the other college preparatory subjects that you need today!

Build Your Transcript Outside the Classroom
Do you play sports, play a musical instrument, belong to a club, or volunteer? If you are planning on going to college, your extracurricular activities are important! In addition to being fun and providing opportunities to build lasting friendships, involvement with groups and teams outside of the classroom is an indicator to colleges that you are a hardworking and dedicated student. Participating in extracurricular activities shows that you have time management and leadership skills.

A great way to keep track of the activities that you are involved in outside of school is by
using the CFNC High School Planner. With the planner, you won’t find yourself scrambling your senior year to come up with a list of extracurricular activities from four years past; you will be able to log on and have them right in front of you! When it comes time to start looking at colleges, the High School Planner will be a great help when you are filling out applications. For some colleges, your list of extracurricular activities will actually be recorded directly into the applications—cutting your typing time and stress level down.

If you don’t already have one, sign up for a free CFNC account online today and start
creating your High School Planner! It’s easy. Simply visit, access your account, and click on Student Planner at the top of the main page. Now you’re ready to put in your information.
Be sure to update your planner every semester.

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