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Yearbook Order

Dear CHASE High School Parent,
I am the yearbook adviser at CHASE High School, and I just wanted to send you a quick note. Obviously, this has been a crazy end to the 2020 school year. Up until the school closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic though, it had been an awesome year filled with sports, friendships, pep rallies, fun school events, etc. And the yearbook staff and I covered every bit of it!
The CHASE High School yearbook is finished, and it’s going to be amazing! We—both as a school and as a yearbook staff—feel so sad that your child and his or her friends have missed out on spring sports, awards days, and simply being with friends and classmates. We absolutely do not want the yearbook to be one more thing your student misses out on! Yearbooks are a strong tradition in all schools and especially at CHASE High School, and we’re confident your child would appreciate this constant in a school year upended.
If you haven’t purchased a yearbook don’t worry you can still purchase by clicking this link..
OR call 1-877-767-5217 between 9AM-6PM Monday through Friday and purchase with a credit card.
If you’re interested in reserving this historic yearbook for your child, please act quickly though, as we are doing our best to communicate with all families who have not yet purchased, and we expect to sell out.
Thank you and stay safe!
Kristen Finucan