RCS 2020-2021 Principal of the Year

Congratulations to Rutherford County Schools’ newest Principal of the Year, CHASE High School principal, Mr. Kevin Bradley. He exemplifies the qualities we expect from those remarkable leaders who rise to the occasion in dedicated service to their students, colleagues, and school community. He grasps the depth and scope of the challenges facing his school community and works tirelessly to create solutions that are responsive to their needs. He is a careful, thoughtful, and creative problem-solver, consistently focused not just on getting the job done, but on getting the job done well. He authentically engages the people around him and works with their best interests at heart. Well before the acute challenges of the moment, though, he has distinguished himself as an excellent leader by shaping a positive culture focused on high expectations and student success throughout his school community. Under his leadership, the school has demonstrated commendable student growth outcomes and distinguished itself as a student-centered learning community where hard work, commitment, school spirit, and student success are valued and celebrated each day. As a leader, he is calm and steady, committed to integrity and principle, and humble despite many personal and professional successes. We wish Mr. Bradley the best of luck as he represents Rutherford County Schools this year.