RCS honors 53 retirees at 2022 RCS Retirement Banquet

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Rutherford County Schools held its annual Retiree Banquet at Florence Baptist Church to recognize and celebrate educators, administrators and support staff who retired during or will retire at the end of the school year.  53 individuals were celebrated at this year’s banquet. 

Collectively, the 53 retirees served a total of 1,273 years with Rutherford County Schools.  In addition to the 32 retirees who attended the banquet, district personnel, principals and school board members were also in attendance. Each retiree was presented with a plaque to commemorate their time working for Rutherford County Schools.

Superintendent Dr. David Sutton delivered the welcome at the banquet. During his speech, Dr. Sutton deemed it fitting to celebrate the retirees the week before Rutherford County high school seniors will be participating in their graduation ceremonies, as it is the work of those retiring that helped the graduates reach this milestone. Dr. Sutton offered his thanks to the retirees for the many ways “both big and small, both seen and unseen” that they have influenced the lives of our community’s children. 

Rick Ficklin, Rutherford County school board vice-chair, offered the invocation and school board chair, Phillip Morrow offered his remarks before the individual recognition of retirees by Dr. Sutton. Dr. Sutton delivered the closing remarks, offering thanks to the family and friends of the retirees for attending the ceremony, for sharing their loved ones with Rutherford County Schools and for encouraging them during their work. 

Dr. Sutton also offered this wish to the retirees: “I wish you every measure of joy and happiness.” He challenged them to take advantage of their free time: to rediscover past interests that may have taken a back seat to more pressing matters, to take extra time to enjoy life and those around them, to set their own schedules, to visit places they’ve always wanted to see.

Dr. Sutton encouraged his retirees to consider serving as mentors for the McNair Educational Foundation or to join in on Rutherford County Schools activities when they can. He ended with this reminder: “Know that you are, now and always, part of something very special, and also know that it’s special because you are part of it.”