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Driver Education Registration Is Changing



Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, face to face classes at schools have not been offered. This has encouraged more students to pursue the virtual option. Our registration process for the online drivers education classes will be changing as a result. We will post a registration link that will enable you to register for the online classes which will be offered during the first semester. (August 2020 – December 2020) You will not pay at this time. The goal is to provide classes every two -four weeks. The classes must be spaced apart in order to allow teachers time to drive the students who have completed the courses.


When the next class is available, you will receive a link to formally register for a class and pay. This will eliminate the need to register at a certain time and date and compete with hundreds of other students trying to register. This list will be used to determine the order in which to send the registration links.

**If you are interested in taking drivers education online during the first semester of 2020, please use the registration button below.

Please list an email that you will monitor for a link to register for the next class within the next 2 -4 weeks. We will update the website to list the date for the next class so you can check periodically. Thank you for your patience. You will be sent an email for the classes as they open and based upon your place on the list.


North Carolina law requires anyone under 18 to complete Driver Education before obtaining a driver license.  Students are exposed too many topics during the classroom phase such as basic rules of the road, motor vehicle law, procedures for basic maneuvers, natural laws, and attitudes for being a safe and responsible driver. The BTW (behind-the-wheel) phase awards students the opportunity for actual hands on training on the streets and highways. Again, in the time allotted only basic maneuvers are taught. Once a student successfully completes Driver Education and obtains a limited learners permit they are able to drive and gain valuable experience under the close supervision of their parents. This training coupled with the driving experience provided by their parents will generally result in a safe and responsible teen driver.

Driver Education classes are typically offered six to seven times throughout the year.   Each student is required to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction before completing the driving instruction. In order to enroll in a class, the student must be 141/2 years of age by the first day of class. Classes will take place during the week after school or on Saturday's and some holidays. The summer class may be in the morning or early afternoon. 
Once the student has completed the classroom portion they will be scheduled to drive, beginning with the oldest students working down to the youngest.  

For more information, visit this website.



-Driver's Education Certificate---Issued by Coach Greene or Coach Marlowe upon successful completion  of class and driving.

-Driver Eligibility Certificate---Issued by Chase High  School with passing grades (3 out of 4 subjects).

-Birth Certificate

-Social Security Card

*If you have any questions please email Rodney Greene [email protected] or Sam Marlowe at [email protected]

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